Thursday, May 19, 2011

Water Writes mural unveiled

Water Writes

Anew mural was unveiled in Uptown today. It's called "Water Writes", and it's the second of 10 murals around the world documenting the current local and international water crisis. The unveiling was basically a big ol' party and Oakland love-fest. A ton of people turned out, some who'd worked on the mural and some who were just there to check it out. Lots of kids, lots of happy young people, and even a few of us older folks.

The mural is between Broadway and Franklin, just up from 21st Street. If you missed the unveiling, you should definitely check it out in person. The photos can't do it justice -- it's big and beautiful, over 5,000 square feet.

Special thanks to the Estria Foundation which created the mural project, and Manuel Cabello, owner of the building who supported the project.

More pictures:
Water Writes

Also check out the great coverage about the mural on Living in the O (as well as the updated Oaksterdam mural).

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