Friday, April 21, 2017

Lake Temescal

The other day between storms I was treated to this lovely view of Lake Temescal on my bike ride home.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Oakland Urban Paths: Women's History walk

Saturday, March 18th, Oakland Urban Paths and the Oakland Walking Tours program led the 4th annual Women's History walk. About 60 people (and 3 dogs) joined us for a walk to learn about a few of the women who have shaped Oakland.

We had some special stops and some bonuses. Thanks to Tom at First Unitarian Church for telling us a bit about the church; Luan at Laurel Bookstore for the book display and pass-through; Alfred at the Oakland Business and Professional Women's Club for showing us around mid-remodel; and Ann at Camron-Stanford House, for coming in and opening up on a Saturday for us.

The following have links to the Oakland Wiki for more information. Some of the women, organizations, and places we talked about (more or less in order):

See more photos here.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Print Public 2016-2017

Thursday night was an opening reception for Print Public 2016-2017 at Kala Art Institute. The current artists that are part of Print Public are:
  • Drew Cameron
  • Ramekon O’Arwisters
  • Mildred Howard
  • Marksearch (Sue Mark and Bruce Douglas)
  • Kelly Ording and Jet Martinez
  • Jenifer K. Wofford
Although Kala is in Berkeley, a number of the artists are from Oakland. The exhibit runs through March 25, so check it out when you get a chance.

See more photos here.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Oakland Restaurant Week

Like many others, I've been a bit distracted by current events, and by the weather. One of my few outings was to do bike parking for the Women's March in Oakland with Bike East Bay. Other than a few drops of rain, the march was thankfully dry and peaceful, and pretty awesome to see the huge turnout, not just in Oakland, but all over the country.

But we're in the midst of the 7th annual Oakland Restaurant Week, which runs until January 29th. Which I'd sort of forgotten about, until I received an email that caught my eye: The Vegan's Guide to Oakland. Also check out Explore Oakland’s bustling food scene during Oakland Restaurant Week on SFGate.

Whatever your dining tastes, Oakland Restaurant Week is a great chance to check out some the over 100 restaurants taking part, and get some nice deals with $20, $30 and $40 prix-fixe lunch or dinner options. Some restaurants are even donating some of their proceeds to support the Alameda County Community Food Bank. What restaurant week specials have you tried this year?

Monday, December 26, 2016

Oakland Trails: Dimond to Chabot

Yesterday, K and I joined Stan Dodson and a small, hearty group to hike from Dimond to Chabot Space and Science Center. Stan is the manager of La Farine Bakery on Fruitvale where we began the hike. But he's also the founder of and the producer of the documentary Trailhead: Discovering Oakland's Gateway to the Redwoods. We were joined on the hike by local historian (and Legendary Local) Dennis Evanosky, who is also part of the documentary.

It didn't take long from our start before we were in Dimond Park. There we got our first look at Sausal Creek. A restoration project that was completed earlier this year included daylighting a 180 foot section of the creek that had been culverted for decades. It's made a huge difference in the park, adding both the to visual beauty but also the support for local wildlife. We continued up the Sausal Creek watershed into Dimond Canyon, and saw some of the projects that the volunteers have been involved in. Stan's fundraiser for the Trailhead documentary was so successful that he had some money left to have trail markers made for the route, too. Which is a good thing, as the route takes a few non-obvious turns.

We stopped at various points to catch our breath, hear some info from Stan or some history from Dennis, or just admire the views. Even with the stops, we finished the 5.5 mile, 1,500+ foot climb in about 2.5 hours. At Chabot, we hopped on an AC Transit bus for a 10-minute ride back to our start on Fruitvale Ave. It's amazing to have such a beautiful, natural area within the bounds of Oakland, and that can be reached on foot, by transit or by car. From the trails near Chabot, you can connect to hundreds of miles of trails, including the 550-mile Bay Ridge Trail.

Stan leads the hikes not just for the general public, but for school groups, after-school programs and others. And does trail maintenance, patrols the parks to help users and looks for fallen trees and other hazards, and works to improve the trails. To donate or volunteer, check out to learn more. You can watch the Trailhead documentary there, too. You don't need to wait for one of Stan's guided hikes, though. Maps are available online, trail markers are there, so get out and explore some of the natural beauty here in Oakland!

See the photos full-size here.