Yep, this is my blog about Oakland. I blog about all sorts of Oakland-related things, from restaurants to photos to urban farming to the occasional rant post about politics. In short, whatever I feel like blogging about. But I love Oakland, which is why I write this blog.

I started the blog back in January, 2009, in the wake of the events following the killing of Oscar Grant in Oakland by BART police. I originally posted it on my home improvement blog, DIY Insanity, but then decided to start an Oakland blog to focus on non do-it-yourself topics. My wife and I live in Montclair, but we're frequently in other parts of Oakland for work, church, volunteering, dining, etc.

Although I blog about whatever strikes my fancy about Oakland, Our Oakland has become best known for two features in particular. First is the Oakland signs feature, which is a collection of photos of interesting and classic signs around Oakland. Many are old, some are in various states of disrepair, some are new, but I find all of them interesting.

The other feature Our Oakland is well-known for is a set of Oakland maps. Some I've created as Google Maps, which means you can overlay them with other Google Map-based maps or view them in 3D in Google Earth as well as viewing them alone.

Along the right side, there are links to the some pages on Our Oakland, and links to various Oakland sites.