Monday, May 23, 2011

signs: drink glass

drink glass

This drink glass on East 12th now adorns a supermarket. Not just any supermarket, but Sun Hop Fat #1 Supermarket. I've known of the store for some time, but Oakland artist Daniel Backman mentioned a band of the same name. I promptly forgot about the connection until the Your Waitress photo blog posted a picture of...the Sun Hop Fat band. I suspect they were named after the other Sun Hop Fat supermarket (#2?) on International, less than a mile from Vulcan Studios where the band was formed. Sun Hop Fat (the band) will be playing at The Layover on Thursday, May 26. Which to complete the circle, advises patrons to "look for the neon martini" when trying to find them on Franklin Street. Which is an Oakland sign I've heretofore missed.

Sun Hop Fat #1


Oakland Daily Photo said...

I've been by this market a dozen times but never noticed the martini glass. Thanks.

I could use a quick tutoring session about posting a Youtube video. Willing to contact me through my website email?

Unknown said...

I emailed you, but I don't know if something got lost in a spam filter. You can email me -- an address is listed on the About Our Oakland page.

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT. I've never seen that.