Monday, May 9, 2011

food: Vo's Restaurant

Mekong noodles

On the edge of Uptown along Grand is Vo's Restaurant. I'd seen it some time back (and admired the sign, of course), but had never eaten there. It sat on our "Oakland restaurants to try" list until Friday's Art Murmur, when K and I needed a break from the crowds.

We opted for a table further from the door, as the live jazz was about to start and we wanted a quieter spot. After ordering beers, we quickly settled on some entrees, and talked about art while we waited. The food arrived quickly, and was nicely presented. I forget what K had, but I ordered the Mekong noodles, which were very tasty. Nothing grabbed us on the dessert menu (especially not the "3 layers fruit barfet"), so after finishing our beers we paid the check and headed back to the Art Murmur.

Some reviews on Yelp mention poor service, but we had very good service. The decor is nice, the vibe pleasant, and the food good. It's not my favorite Oakland restaurant, but we'd go again.

Vo's Restaurant


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