As noted on the about Our Oakland page, I write about all sorts of Oakland things: food, events, history, signs, urban farming, even occasionally politics. Keep in mind it's just me writing this, no staff (besides two cats, but they generally aren't much help except with making typos), so I don't have time to write about everything.


I normally post upcoming Oakland events on Wednesday morning. Which means if you'd like me to list an upcoming event, you should let me know about it Tuesday at the latest; earlier is better in case I need more info.


If you've got an idea for an article about Oakland, let me know. There's no guarantee I'll have time for writing a post on it, but I'd be happy to hear it. I'm not interested in articles about stuff outside of Oakland, except those that affect Oakland, too.

guest posts:

Finally, let me know if you want to write a guest post. Same caveats as articles; it needs to be about Oakland. Guest posts will be clearly labeled as such.

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