Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oakland Food News

All the news that's fit to nom. And then some. As an added bonus, there's a bit of news about retail in Oakland, too.

News from East Bay Dish is that Doughnut Dolly is finally open. Pepples Donuts, then Donut Savant, plus all the new bagel shops I mentioned last month...is Oakland becoming an o-shaped food capital?

Speaking of bagels, Luke Tsai at the East Bay Express reports that Beauty's Bagels is finally going to open. Beauty's will be at 3838 Telegraph and feature Montreal-style bagels.

The latest from Victory Burger is that they're wrapping up construction and are doing some hiring. Also exciting is that the parklet for outside Victory Burger and Actual Cafe has final permits, and they'll be starting construction for it soon. Word is that the parklet for outside Manifesto Bikes on 40th has its permits, too, and Farley's East isn't far behind.

The Jack London District reports on Google+ that a new pizza and beer place, Forge, is scheduled to open this winter, at the old El Torito location.

I don't know the timeline for Loring Cafe and Pasta Bar on Grand, just down from Farley's East, but they were working on the build-out for the interior the other week. Read more on Grub Street.

Finally got around to trying Ike's Lair around the corner near Plum. Fun space but noisy, and definitely a young, hipster crowd. Most importantly though, the sandwiches are really good, at least the one I had.

I haven't tried it yet, but Rosamunde in Uptown is open for business. They've got a rotating beer list and menu, and said they've always got a vegi option. They're open 2pm to dusk on Saturdays, and during First Fridays. Read more on Grub Street.

I heard from a Laurel resident that Tratoria Laurellinos is closing and a taqueria is moving in. I haven't verified it yet myself, but I hope it's not true. I've only eaten at Laurellinos once, but enjoyed it and was looking forward to trying it again.

East Bay Dish has the story on Portal, now open on 2nd Avenue in Eastlake. Interesting food? View of Lake Merritt? Sounds like I'm going to have to try it soon. Update: Check out the great pictures from Eat Drink Oakland.

Some would call it generous to include in the category of food, but the McDonald's in Temescal has re-opened after being rebuilt. The new design is more pedestrian and neighborhood friendly, which is thanks in part to work from neighborhood activists.

The replacement for B Restaurant in Old Oakland, Borgo Italia, seems to be going full speed ahead. They've got a lovely painted metal sign up, a nice rustic interior set up, and there was a sign regarding staff applications up on the door.

Added retail bonus: just down from Loring's and Farley's East, Owl N Wood has opened. They apparently had a great grand opening, so hopefully they'll be successful going foward. Owner/designer Rachel Konte gave us a brief rundown when we snuck in on Sunday.


Becky G. said...

The Laurel taqueria rumor is true - there's a sign for "Palma" in the window, supposedly in the works from the owners of the popular Taqueria Sinaloa.

Unknown said...

That's too bad. As much as I love Tacos Sinaloa (specifically the Mariscos Sinaloa truck), Laurellinos was a nice change of pace.