Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oakland maps

Maps of Oakland have long been one of the most popular features here on Our Oakland, and one of my favorite things to work on. I love maps, I love Oakland, so what's not to like?

A recent question reminded me about the map of taco trucks in Oakland (which was created by a Google maps user named Krys). Unfortunately, the map hasn't been updated since 2008. The most recent change I noticed in taco trucks was El Ojo De Agua taco truck and stand at Fruitvale and 12th St. is now another Taqueria Sinaloa, replete with an orange paint job. I haven't been by the original at 22nd Ave. to see if there are changes there.

In any event, I've listed the Oakland maps I know of below. What interesting maps of Oakland do you know of?

Oakland maps that I've created

neighborhoods map - A map of every neighborhood in Oakland I could find a reference to. Some names are official, some are unofficial, some are no longer used, but they're all a part of Oakland history.

council districts - The 7 city council districts of Oakland, plus 1 at-large. These districts can be adjusted every 10 years to reflect the current population distribution.

planning districts - Districts of Oakland; used on the city of Oakland general plan and zoning map.

how I visualize Oakland - How I visualize Oakland, which is by definition not very useful and is ever-evolving. Because of the other maps, I know of many more neighborhood names, but don't always think of the areas that way.

Our Oakland signs - Shows all the signs I've posted in the Our Oakland signs feature, and some that I haven't yet covered.

news by neighborhood - A frequency map of how newspaper articles define neighborhoods across Oakland.

neighborhood name signs - A companion to the neighborhoods map -- what do neighborhoods label themselves?

DIY resources map - Resources in the East Bay for do-it-yourself home improvement types.

There are also a number of map-related posts on Our Oakland, including the popular Wayfinding Around Oakland.

Oakland maps created by others

county district locator - Figure out what district you live in for voting for BART, EBMUD, congress, and lots more. Not a Google map, but very useful for anyone in Alameda County.

historic Oakland maps - This is an amazing set of historical maps of Oakland. You can see how Oakland grew over the years, see Lake Merritt become a 'lake' (see The Lake That Isn't), and see what was lost when freeways divided Oakland.

T-RACES redlining map - An unpleasant historical map, showing redlining by banks, realtors, etc. In other words, institutionalized racism.

taco trucks - A map of taco trucks around Oakland. As noted above, the map hasn't been updated in a while.

food systems - A map of community gardens, farmers markets, and other alternative food sources around Oakland.

fire stations - Ever wonder where the nearest fire station is? This map will show you. I've been to a number of the stations over the years working with Oakland Firefighters Random Acts, and there's a wide variety in ages, building styles and capacities amongst the different stations.

Crimespotting Oakland - An interactive map showing recent crimes in Oakland. You can adjust the dates included, the type of crimes, and the time of day. The graphical representation of the fact there's too much crime in Oakland.

Creeks and Watersheds - The OMCA links to maps of the creeks and watersheds of Oakland, as well as a bit of history about the creeks and their names.


Jessica Stewart said...

Great Oakland Public Schools puts out some neat maps that show Oakland's school improvement over the past decade or so that I think are interested. http://www.goleadershipcenter.org/Progress%20in%20Oakland%202011.pdf

Jessica Stewart said...


Anonymous said...

woo hoo...taco truck map. I love a good taco truck.

Gene said...

@Jessica - interesting, and a good sign.

@vdn - mmm...tacos. Do you have a favorite taco truck from your time in Oakland?