Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jingletown Holiday Art Walk

This past weekend was the annual Jingletown Holiday Art Walk. The area is full of artists working in different media, and regularly have open studios to show it off.

It's also just an interesting place to walk around. In part because the area is decorated with mosaics, murals and sculptures created by the local artists. It's a fun, funky place. I went to a lot of different studios, but I don't think I hit all of them:

Institute for Mosaic Art

Special shout-outs to Jan Watten who put it all together, and to Fernando Reyes, who designed the piece that was used for the 2011 Art Walk logo.

Lots more photos:

Also check out the great photos by Howard Dyckoff on Oakland Local.


Oakland Daily Photo said...

Wow. After looking at the slide show, I felt like I had been there. Great coverage of this event.

artmakerpoet said...

soooo wonderful to have these images show up here! thank you for your visit to our jinglefruit studios and the joy of your being in our space.