Thursday, March 20, 2014

signs: Golden Bull

I've posted the Golden Bull sign before, but it's changed several times over the years. The above picture is from 2011. For a time, it was the Golden Bull cocktail lounge. Then it was home to Awaken Cafe, before they moved to their new space around the corner on Broadway. Now the space is about to be the Golden Bull once again, but alas, the classic sign is gone, replaced with a mostly plastic sign for the nearby Venue.

But the Golden Bull is coming back, and should have a soft opening soon. It will be alongside the new restaurant, Analog, which have a seriously retro theme.


Oakland Daily Photo said...

I hope at least that the old sign went to a good home rather than on the trash heap. Maybe they hung it inside?

Unknown said...

The bottom part was remade into the new Venue sign, and I think Golden Bull was able to get the drink glass part, so that may reappear in front of the bar or inside at some point.

Unknown said...

I rode past there yesterday, and they've got a new neon sign in the upper window, and the painted signs appear to be done.