Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2014 Oakland Running Festival - a blast of #Oakland love

Ivolunteered again as a course marshal for the Oakland Running Festival, assigned to the same spot as last year. This year I came better prepared. I brought sidewalk chalk to help indicate the course, and a chair so I could sit and rest my back between groups of runners. The festival was once again a big blast of Oakland love. Tons of smiles, thumbs up, high fives and thank yous were my payment. And what more beautiful place to hang out for a couple of hours than on the shores of Lake Merritt? It was also fun to see people come out to cheer. Some had family or friends running, but some people came out just to cheer the runners on.

I took pictures of lots of half, relay and full marathon runners, near mile 11 / 24. Feel free to use pictures of yourself, and let me know if you want a higher-res version of a particular picture (see the Contact tab above.)

Lots more pictures from the running festival:

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Oakland Daily Photo said...

Couldn't make it this year so your pictures put me in the action. Next year I want to try and get photos of the Raider Nation cheering on the runners.