Tuesday, September 13, 2011

taking the train

JLS Amtrak

Last week I went to Sacramento for work, and was able to take the train to get there. It was a double bonus -- a spare the air day, and it was hecka fun.

I rode down to the Amtrak station at Jack London Square to catch an early train for the capitol. It couldn't have been easier; I locked my bike, walked into the station, used a machine to buy my ticket, then stepped out into the early morning light to wait for the train to arrive. I could have even taken my bike with me if I'd wanted, as there are racks on the lower level of each car (hear that, BART?). My boss got on in Martinez, and we watched the scenery go by until our arrival in Sacramento.

It took a bit longer than driving (2 hours vs. 1 hour, 33 minutes), but was a lot more fun and a lot less stressful (particularly coming home at commute time.) Taking into account parking and gas, it was probably cheaper than driving, too. A highly recommended way to get to Sacramento from Oakland, that gives a unique view of the Oakland waterfront, the delta, and beyond.


V Smoothe said...

I love taking the train to Sacramento! It may take longer than driving, but I find I always get a ton of work done during the ride.

Gene said...

I didn't get much done -- I spent most of the time watching the world go by :-)

Anonymous said...

I keep saying I'm gonna take that train. I am a train lover. All my friends and family used to take it when they visited us. I need to get on it. It would be a great day trip. Does it let you off in downtown Sacramento?

Gene said...

Yep, on I Street, about 2-3 blocks or so from the California State Railroad Museum.