Saturday, September 17, 2011

greetings, new readers!

Greetings to new readers, whether I met you at PARK(ing) Day or some other Oakland event; I just met you somewhere in my wanderings across Oakland; you're a new reader from my recent posts on Oakland Local; or you just found the blog via Google or another search engine: hello and thanks for reading Our Oakland!

Special shout-outs to some folks I met recently: Jennifer, Christy, Pat, Nicole, Jill, Lisa, Phil, the really cool Aliza, Maryanne, Justin, Said, Gracie, Cynthia, Sam, Jim, Ken, Franklin, Pamela, Ignacio, Richard, Abbey, Sarah, and all those whose names I've already forgotten (I'm terrible with names, alas). And my thanks if you were out doing something to make Oakland better.

If you're looking for a post on PARK(ing) Day or Creek to Bay Day, I'll those up as soon as possible. I'm too busy this weekend out having fun and meeting more of you wonderful folks!

Some things I specifically mentioned to various people:

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