Friday, September 23, 2011

Oakland Local

I've been following Oakland Local for some time. It's a non-partisan, non-profit media organization that promotes discourse on local issues that matter. They also provide training and mentoring, and present various local events (like Code for Oakland back in June). You may have seen their booth at local events like Art & Soul.

In simpler terms, it's one of the best sources for news about Oakland. It's by Oaklanders, by people who live and work in the neighborhoods they report in, believe in the issues they report on, and have a wide variety of viewpoints.

I'm proud to say I've started contributing to Oakland Local. At this point it's just the occasional cross-post from here on Our Oakland, but who knows what the future holds. In any event, if you're not familiar with Oakland Local, check it out. Add it to your newsreader or bookmarks today!

More pictures from Tuesday's meetup:
Oakland Local

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