Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Art & Soul Festival

This past weekend was the 2011 Art & Soul Festival. It seemed like crowds were a little smaller on Saturday while I was bike parking with WOBO and EBBC, but there were a ton of people out Sunday when K and I strolled around. People of all ages, colors, shapes and sizes were out having fun. One of my favorite things was watching a variety of couples salsa dance to the music of Edgardo & Candela at the City Center stage. They were having a blast, and it was impossible to watch them and not feel good, too.

Lots more pictures:

Art & Soul 2011

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Anonymous said...

The Rainbow Italian ice is awesome!! They seriously need a store.

Gene said...

Agreed! Their "free taste" coupons (and the young woman in the awesome rainbow hat) worked. We got a taste of the mango and then immediately turned around and bought a cup.