Saturday, November 9, 2013

birds of Lake Merritt

For a variety of reasons, the last couple of weeks I've been spending more time than usual around Lake Merritt. Which is a nice thing, because the lake is beautiful spot, truly a gem of Oakland. Besides seeing beautiful sunsets, people watching, and enjoying the scenery, the lake is also a great place for bird watching.

Many people think mostly about the Canada Geese, which are known for their pooping, honking, and other anti-social behavior. But there are numerous species of birds in and around Lake Merritt, some year-round residents, and some just passing through. I recently added pictures of a variety of the birds to the Oakland Wiki page, Birds of Lake Merritt. But there are even more, which I haven't photographed yet. What interesting birds have you seen at the lake? And have you seen Hank?

More Lake Merritt bird photos:


casacaudill said...

I love it when the pelicans are out, swimming together.

Unknown said...

Saw a number of them flying in turn down the channel the other day. Just fun to see in general!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Love the pelicans. The number and types of birds that can be found at the lake any time of day is amazing.