Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oakland Running Festival photos

Last weekend I volunteered as a course marshal for the Oakland Running Festival. I was stationed near Grand Avenue where the runners came up from alongside Lake Merritt, and my duties were to (1) keep runners on course (2) cheer them on. I think I did pretty well on both counts, though it would have been helpful to have a second person stationed where the course turned away from the lake to come up the hill. In the afternoon I shifted down the hill a bit, since with larger gaps between runners, they didn't have others to follow.

Though my back was sore and my voice a bit hoarse by the time the race was done, I had fun. I hope the runners had as much fun as I did cheering them on! A big thank you to all the folks who came out and cheered the runners on, and a special thank you to the bicyclist in orange who stuck around and helped me direct traffic. The final runner on the course was determined to make it, and a bunch of OPD officers were cheering her on. There was a whole lot of Oakland love out there.

More pictures from the running festival:


meryl rose said...

I still haven't run in that, grrr. Vacation one year, leg problems last year, pregnant this year. NEXT YEAR!

Cheers to you for volunteering. That's awesome.

Unknown said...

It's a surprising amount of fun. Two years ago was at a water station with Ella Baker Center. Last year K ran the 5K and I did unofficial cheering :-)