Friday, April 26, 2013

Oakland Food News

Just a few morsels of food news. But a chance to remind you to partake in Oakland Veg Week! Even if you don't go to one of the Oakland restaurants with specials for the week, try eating vegetarian for a change. There are lots of great restaurants in Oakland with vegi and vegan options that make it easy.

I noticed some activity at Lost & Found on Telegraph earlier this week. No update on when it might open, but activity is a good sign. The website still says "Coming Soon".

Max's Diner and Bar in City Center closed up rather suddenly. According to @dto510,"Max's up and left City Center without even telling its employees, a week ago!"

Also rather suddenly, a number of Lanesplitter Pizza employees quit mid-shift at the Temescal location. According to the East Bay Express article, one of the servers put a post that "outlined a series of grievances that included alleged misogyny, emotional abuse, and a deceptively inaccessible employee health care program." Ouch. Unsurprisingly, the company denies the allegations.

In more exciting news, Bites off Broadway is about to begin its third year. I'm a fan, so I'm very happy to hear it will be back.

The East Bay Express wasn't wild about Lungomare, "Highs and Lows at Lungomare", but liked some things and is optimistic about the future. K and I tried it a couple weeks ago, and we enjoyed it. One of the things we had and liked was the polenta, which the EBX article mentioned.

And a few leftovers from earlier this year.

I'd heard but forgotten about Little Star Pizza planning to open on Grand Avenue, but was reminded by a recent tweet from @davidcolburn showing the new sign on "The Star" at the former site of Milano.

Thick crust not your thing? Back in January, Berkeleyside said that Jules Thin Crust was scheduled to open in Rockridge in March. Update: @davidcolburn let me know the Rockridge location is open, as confirmed by some reviews on Yelp.

Update #2. In a good sign for Oakland beer lovers and probably a bad sign for Quinn's Lightouse, the Brotzeit Boathaus and Biergarten is aiming to open in May.

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