Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sunday Streets Berkeley

Sunday was the first-ever Sunday Streets event in Berkeley. Similar to the Oaklavia event in Oakland a couple years ago, and modeled on Sunday Streets in San Francisco, it turned the streets over to the people. Over a mile of Shattuck Avenue was closed to cars, and made available for walking, biking, skating, scooting, dancing, music, cafe seating or just people watching.

Unlike a more traditional street festival, this was less about shopping and more about doing. There was a bike safety course for kids, rock climbing, dodgeball, zumba, chalk art, and a wide variety of music. Local brick-and-mortar stores took advantage of the large crowds by offering cafe seating and street vending.

It was tons of fun, and hopefully they'll be able to make it a regular event. And hopefully we'll be able to bring back Oaklavia! Thanks to Livable Berkeley for putting it together.

Lots more pictures:

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