Thursday, October 11, 2012

blog redesign

After almost 4 years and 600 posts, I decided it was time for a little redesign. A while back I got some business cards to hand out because I was telling so many people at different events about the blog, where pictures I was taking of the event would be, etc. that it was just a lot easier to have something to hand them. Those of you who have seen the cards will probably recognize the look of the new header. The logo harkens back to the first of what's now one of my favorite features, interesting Oakland signs. And the background of the new header represents one of my other favorites, Oakland maps.

I'll also take the opportunity to point out some little-known features of Our Oakland. First, there are a number of special URLs you can enter with Our Oakland to get shortcuts to specific things:,,, and of course, Another useful feature is that the Blogger code automatically checks if you're on a mobile device such as a smartphone, and gives you a specially-formatted version of the site that's easier to use on a smartphone. It gets rid of extra margins, automatically condenses posts on the home page, and allows various touch controls to navigate.

So if you see something that doesn't look right or work quite right, please let me know. Include which web browser and OS you're using.

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