Thursday, September 13, 2012

signs: Jackson's Liquors

Jackson's Liquors

I've shot this great sign before during the day, but I got a chance to shoot it lit up last night. As an added bonus, Ramsey, one of the owners, came out while I was shooting and we talked about the past and future of the sign.

He remembers seeing the sign as a child, when a friend of the family owned and ran the store. My guess is that it's from the 50s based on the design elements, but I'm not really sure. Ramsey paid to have the sign repaired a while back, but the company he hired hasn't finished the job. He pointed out where the "son's" on one side is by-passed with a patch wire, and we talked about how great it would be to have the swirling drink lights working again. I told him about NeonWorks and owner Jim Rizzo's passion for the work that I learned about at the OHA+Neon Works lecture back in January. And about how the owner of Pizzaiolo paid to have the G&G Hardware sign on Telegraph restored. Whether it's the original company or NeonWorks, I hope the sign can be more fully restored.

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Colburn said...

Nice to know that the owner values the cool sign!