Monday, April 25, 2011

signs: Cadillac building


I've been hoping they'd repair this sign so I could get a shot of it in operation, but given the state of the automobile industry that hasn't seemed likely for a while. Numerous auto dealers have moved from Auto Row or closed completely over the years, but this classic building has been occupied for some time. Today I had a checkup at the dentist nearby, and was a bit surprised to see the building getting a paint job (good) but saddened to see the sign completely gone. All the lights were on, but nobody was home to ask what's become of the sign or the future plans are. I'd love to preserve at least part of it. On the other hand, K would probably kill me if I came home with a 4-foot tall metal and neon letter.

no sign


Colburn said...

K might be more forgiving if the letter you brought home was the last letter of "BUICK"

jaded said...

That looks so... plain without the letters. I am going to miss those.

Gene said...

@colburn - only slightly...she'd still kill me :-)

@jaded - indeed. I'm hoping they're going to resurrect at least part of it, because they left the brackets on the upper part of the building where it said Pontiac. But I'm not optimistic about that happening :-(

vistadenada said...

Shoot. Wonder what they did with it? You can never have enough neon.

Scott said...

Gotta say that I disagree that that sign was worth keeping. Seemed too large for the building, blocked the buildings pleasant architecture, and just had too many letters. Sure neon is cool, but why would they keep it when this building is obviously never going to be that same auto dealership? Why would we feel nostalgia for auto dealership signs? Am I missing something?

Gene said...

With the GMC on top (which I believe was added later), it is a bit big. But I feel the sign is part of the building. If they replaced the auto dealership with a nightclub (one idea suggested some time back), I think they'd do well to have a sign of the same style. Much better than the plastic crap that is common these days.

But Our Oakland readers will know I'm biased towards old signs :-)