Friday, April 1, 2011

new Habitat homes beginning

cutting roof sheathing

Guess where I spent today? If you guessed across the street from the new East Oakland library, you're right! I spent the day at the Habitat for Humanity worksite which will be the site of the 2011 build-a-thon (it's not too late to sponsor me! Many thanks to those who already have.) It's literally across 81st Ave. from the new library and the two adjacent schools. I helped put the roof sheathing on the first house being built. Before each build-a-thon, we frame one model house, to try to work out any problems ahead of time. And yes, it was hot, or at least felt that way to me. Certainly not August/September heat, but plenty warm with the sun reflecting back up off the OSB we were nailing down. Between that and the ride home, I'm too wiped to head to to this month's Art Murmur, alas.

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