Wednesday, April 6, 2011

photo journey 4: rhymes with...

The color that's a fruit. But not unique in that it has no words that rhyme with it in English (Welsh, yes).

The word had a long journey to get to English, but the color is ultimately named for the fruit:
Origin:1300–50; Middle English: the fruit or tree < Old French orenge, cognate with Spanish naranja < Arabic nāranj < Persian nārang < Sanskrit nāraṅga

This color photo journey has a little different design, and is different, too, in that the photos are in the order I took them.

Interested in colors? Check out the Oakland-based Hue blog.


Dawg said...

I love these color montages. I'm wondering if the first photo is of my old house in Oakland. You do such a great job with these.

Unknown said...

Thanks, they're kind of fun to do, too.

The first photo is a house in Montclair. Besides being orange, I liked the way the shadow falls.