Tuesday, August 18, 2009

unique hills architecture

home of Steamboat Willie?

On my ride home from the Red Cross today, I went past some interesting architecture in the hills. The first I'd seen before on past rides. It's...interesting. Besides the trumpet / organ pipe towers, and the saxophone-shaped chimney, the railings are supported by modified treble clefs. Definitely not my taste, but better than the cheese house (no, really -- it looked like pieces of cheese; one part had small round windows like Swiss cheese) that used to be nearby.

Baker Millennium House

The other was a work in progress, the Baker Millennium House. According to an old article on SFGate, it's been under construction at least since 2006. It doesn't look so different now, but there were workers there (plus the helpful safety guy on the roof), so I guess it's still moving forward. Also not my taste, and not the greenest way to build, but given the history of fires and earthquakes in the area, I can understand the desire to build a house that will last. I can't fathom spending that much on a home, though.

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