Monday, August 31, 2009

Eat Real

Lots of people were out at the Eat Real festival this past weekend, and there's lots of blog coverage of it. My wife and I enjoyed it despite the hot weather, and it seemed like a lot of other people did, too. Everything we tried was great. Some gelato, a corn empanada, vegi spring rolls, and of course the beer tent. The latter was actually a trailer, not a tent, and instead of eight 4 oz. samples, you got four 8 oz. samples. They probably did it because of the heat and the long line for getting beer, but I would have liked to sample a wider variety of beers for my $25. And if it had been cooler, I would have stuck around for some of the 'meet the brewer' sessions they had.

We also enjoyed getting a chance to see the food market that's being built at Jack London Square. It's huge (and blessedly provided some shade), and should be a great spot when completed. We stuck our noses into Bocanova, a pan-american restaurant that's opening near by.

I've posted some pictures from the festival. For more coverage and pictures from the festival, check out these other blogs:
I especially like the coverage at Cooking.

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