Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Xicana Moratorium event

Sunday was an annual event remembering the Xicana Moratorium. In 1970, Chicano activists held what became known as the National Chicano Moratorium against the Vietnam War and injustices that Chicanos were facing, including police brutality and systemic poverty and racism. In Oakland, there was a march starting in Jingletown and ending at San Antonio Park, the location of Sunday's event.

Sunday was a remembrance of those events, a celebration of Chicano and Latino culture, and a chance to raise awareness of current injustices. This year's theme was "Displace Gentrification, Not Our Hoods". A number of groups and vendors had booths set up, and the stage featured a mixture of music, dance and speakers about various subjects.

For me the highlight was getting to see my friend JWanderer7's band La Ceiba play, and when Wanda Cuesta Kruda joined them it was off the hook. La Ceiba plays Cumbia music, a music originating in Columbia with strong African roots.

Some videos from the event:

More pictures from the event:

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