Tuesday, July 22, 2014

signs: Foothill Square

Idon't have any pictures of the old Foothill Square shopping center sign, but it's great to see activity there again in any event. And I want to get a picture of this at night, too.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks with work, but I took a couple of minutes on the way in to take this picture and a couple of others for the Oakland Wiki, like this of Fire Station #26. Tomorrow I'm hoping to work on my book and maybe do another blog post, but we'll see...


Oakland Daily Photo said...

Your book? Where have I been? I'm curious about station #4 on International Blvd. Any info?

Unknown said...

It's still in the proposal stage, but would be called Legendary Locals of Oakland. Read more about it on the Oakland Wiki.

Station #4 used to be the Brooklyn Firehouse, i.e., from before that was part of Oakland.