Monday, July 7, 2014

Art Deco Architecture

Saturday I went on part of a walk focused on Art Deco architecture in Oakland. The walk was sponsored by the Sierra Club (it's true—they do urban hikes, too) and led by Guy Mayes. The walk started outside the Oakland Museum of California, and was scheduled from 11AM to 5:30PM, followed by an optional dinner gathering. I only stayed until about 3:30PM, but it was a very interesting walk.

I know a lot about Oakland, but not that much about Art Deco architecture other than I tend to like it a lot. Guy told us about some of the different categories of Art Deco architecture, and pointed out some of the common features like zig zags, botanical swirls, stacked ziggurats, and bas relief sculptures. I won't attempt to describe the entire walk, but some of the places we visited (not all of which feature Art Deco architecture) and topics discussed include:
Oakland Museum of California
"Anansi" sculpture
Alameda County Law Library
Alameda County Court House
Camron-Stanford House
Municipal Boathouse
Scottish Rite Center
Snow Park
Schilling Gardens
Regillus Apartments
Lake Merritt Hotel
Islamic Cultural Center
Hill Castle Apartment Hotel
Oakland Main Library
Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts
Chauncey Bailey
Hotel Oakland
Disco Volante
Income Securities Building
Jewish Cultural Experience Mural
Oakland Title Insurance and Guaranty Building
Mural Lane
Oakland YWCA Building

Lots more pictures from the walk:

Thanks to Guy for leading the walk and his lovely wife Nancy for helping him and telling me about her 31 years(!) teaching in Oakland public schools. And shout out to the young music artist we met near the YWCA, IllumiNate.

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