Friday, May 10, 2013

Bike to Work Day 2013

Yesterday was the annual Bike to Work Day, and thousands of people all over the Bay Area took part. I volunteered with the East Bay Bicycle Coalition near Coast Guard Island along the estuary.

I don't know the overall stats, but we had over 250 bicyclists go past the energizer station. Not all of them stopped, as some had already been to other energizer stations, but it was awesome to see so many people out biking. There were young and old (though technically the very young were biking to day care, not work); first-timers and regular bike commuters; and people of all shapes, sizes and colors. Hopefully some of them will start biking to work on a regular basis!

I also volunteered at the hella fun after-work bike party in Old Oakland. It included live and DJ'ed music, food trucks including Tina Tamale and Liba Falafel, and beer from New Belgium, and a variety of bike-related activities. The bike parking was so popular that we had to set up extra racks and temporarily slow down the incoming rate! Local businesses were also getting a lot of love; people were checking out the new Spokes bike shop, Marion and Rose's Workshop, and heading for restaurants as the party started winding down.

Check out the coverage of the after work party on Oakland North.

More pictures from Bike to Work Day:

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