Friday, May 24, 2013

a bite of Oakland food news

Just a quick bite of food news. I got a press release that the new restaurant replacing Hudson on College Avenue in Rockridge is opening this month. A16 (named for a scenic highway in Italy) will be under the direction of Executive Chef Rocky Maselli. It will have pasta, pizza, and "a focus on dishes from Italy’s Puglia region, a destination known for its seafood." They'll serve Linden Street Brewery beers, and co-owner/wine director Shelley Lindgren is an award-winning sommelier so they should have a great wine list.

This news is so fresh, their website, isn't even up yet. I was in the area yesterday, but didn't know to look for any activity. Anyone seen signs of the opening yet?

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Unknown said...

Here's a post on Oaklavore about a preview dinner there. Sounds tasty!