Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Temescal Street Fair delivers fun

Sunday was the 9th annual Temescal Street Fair. Unlike last year's street fair which had to be rescheduled because of unseasonable rains, this year's had perfect weather.

The fair was even bigger this year, spread out over an even longer stretch of Telegraph. After parking my bike with the East Bay Bicycle Coalition (which provided free valet bike parking), I wandered for a bit to check things out. I saw Annalee Allen, various district 1 and 3 candidates for city council, mayor Jean Quan, BART board candidate Rebecca Saltzman, Tina Tamale, and thousands of other people out having fun. And of course fair organizer Karen Hester was zipping about and keeping in touch with her crew by radio.

Lots more pictures:

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Bridgett said...

Hi Gene,
Do you have an email address so that people can send information on Oakland events and city happenings?

Unknown said...

Sure. Just email me (gene at ouroakland.net). I normally publish upcoming events on Wednesday, so it's best to get them to me by Tuesday or sooner.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

We got some of the same pictures. Posted Rainbow Man today. Especially love your dog photos. One day we'll figure who the other is.

Unknown said...

I look forward to meeting you! It's been fun putting faces to various bloggers and tweeters over the last couple of years. You could come on the OUP walk in Montclair on Saturday!