Friday, June 22, 2012

signs: Leo's Pro Audio

Leo's Pro Audio

Not a great sign, but gets a nod because unfortunately, Leo's Pro Audio is going out of business. If you're looking for some audio or recording gear, they're got everything on sale until the end of the month or so. The building is also of note because it's a named building, The Spitzer Building. As this Tumblr post says,
Not sure the Spitzer Building really has the gravitas to pull off the surname thing.
Whether it does or not, it definitely evokes a bygone era, at least for a smaller, non-corporate building. Anybody know something about the history the building?


Oakland Daily Photo said...

I was sorry to see that Leo's was closing. Is it the economy? Or maybe a retirement? Audiophiles will mourn the loss of this spot

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Unknown said...

Not sure why.

I've turned off verification. I had spam problems for a while, hopefully I won't again.