Monday, August 9, 2010

showing off Oakland?

city hall

Say you had a visitor coming from not just out of town, but from out of the country. If you had a day, how would you show off Oakland to them? A friend from Switzerland is in town for a conference, and while he's been to California before, he didn't spend much time in the Bay Area and none in Oakland.

The first ideas that came to K and I were:
- Lake Merritt
- downtown/uptown
- eat at a taco truck
I asked a similar question before about the Greetings from Oakland postcard, but this is a little different. How do you show off Oakland to visitors? Unfortunately he won't be around for the Art + Soul Festival or any of the other Oakland festivals coming up.


Anonymous said...

Those three are solid Oakland. For the evening, I like getting an ice cream from Loard's and then drive up to the Mormon Temple and look back at the city lights. It's usually breath taking and everyone is freezing trying to eat the ice cream.

The ferry to Angel Island is always fun too, if you have time. It leaves from Jack London Square. You can rent bikes if the visitors are into that. The ride is moderate. I usually walk a bit. The tram tour is also great too. I had to hop it one time when my Dahon broke a few spokes. We take a picnic.

Anonymous said...

Definitely those three (for the tacos, I'd advocate Tacos Sinaloa at International & 22nd Ave). A stroll around Fruitvale might be nice, and a walk through Chinatown would be interesting -- "This is what a Chinatown looks like when it caters to locals and residents, not tourists." I'm also fond of the sculpture garden at Laney College (although with the sports facility construction going on next door, it's a little less attractive than usual).

Unknown said...

Good suggestions -- keep 'em coming.

@crazy57bus - Angel Island is a good idea, if it's not totally foggy around the Bay like it's been all summer. But the cool weather beats the heat waves much of the rest of the world is having.

@lexica510 - Tacos Sinaloa is my favorite, too.

Anonymous said...

Joaquin Miller Park--bayside trail is nice with views of the Bay and bay laurel trees (smell them!).

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Concentrate on food, art, and architecture. My top ten: Jack London Square including Jack London's cabin and a beer at Heinold's, a performance at Yoshi's, Chinatown markets, the Fruitvale with taco truck and maybe a dinner at Oteaz, Lake Merritt at night, Oakland Museum, Piedmont Avenue and its murals, Mt. View Cemetery and Julia Morgan's Chapel of the Chimes, a performance at Woodminister, and a tour of some of our neighborhoods like Trestle Glen and Rockridge. That ought to fill up a few days. Oh, and if he's here on the first Friday of the month: Art Murmur and the vintage car show at 1/4 lb. Giant Burger.

Let us know what you did and what he thought of his tour of Oakland.

Unknown said...

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