Thursday, September 10, 2009

signs: Island Market

Island Market

On High Street is this great sign for the Island Market. Most, but not all of the neon is intact, so I don't know if any of it still lights up. And is the case when your sign is bigger than than your building, they had to build quite a tower to hold the thing aloft.

Besides having a great sign, I love the color they painted the building. It's a warm, orange-ish wheat color, made more so by late afternoon sun. My office walls are a subtler version of this color, and the office glows when it gets the late afternoon sun through my window.

great color


Colburn said...

I walked by the Albert Brown Mortuary on Piedmont Ave. today and noticed its humdinger of a sign, complete with a clockface. (It seems a bit morbid for a mortuary to have a clock on their sign!). I came here to suggest it for your series, but I see from your map that you are already on the case.

I'll suggest another possible sign for your consideration instead: the 400 Club at the corner of 29th Ave. and Glascock, right near the Park Street bridge to Alameda. It's a lot newer than most of your signs, and it's not very pretty either, but it is partly redeemed by having both the obligatory martini glass and an illustration of a dancing couple. (It has a bit of neon too, saying "Karaoke/DJ," but the neon is never lit up when I pass by, even after dark.)

Unknown said...

Morbid maybe, but not unusual. Albert Brown has a clock, C.P. Bannon on International has one (just got a pic of that the other day) and Colonial Chapel has two clocks. Seems to be the thing for funeral homes...maybe so mourners will know if they're late for the funeral?

Thanks for the info on the 400 Club, and keeping your eyes open in general.

Colburn said...

True, it's never good to be late to someone else's funeral. (One is always "late" at one's own funeral.)