Thursday, September 17, 2009

signs: Walden Pond Books

Walden Pond Books

Just up from the Grand Lake Theater and across from Smitty's Bar and The Alley is Walden Pond Books. I love books, and so libraries and bookstores are favorite spots. Walden Pond Books goes not one but two better, by having a cool sign and two friendly dogs. If you look carefully you can see them sleeping on either side of the door in the picture below. I bought a copy of the newest Images of America Oakland history book, Selections from the Oakland Tribune Archives.

Walden Pond Books


ArtSparker said...

Those dogs are so funny. They are always alert for petting even when they appear to be passed out. I posted on the Walden Pond window a few days ago.

Unknown said...

Cool shot you posted. Is that the updated shot or the original?