Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oaktown afternoon

My wife and I made a brief shopping trip to Sears in downtown, then because it was such a beautiful day, we walked around Lake Merritt. A lot of other people and their dogs decided the same thing, because there were a lot out there. Even with all the construction going on for the Measure DD work, it was beautiful and a great day for a walk. I'm looking forward to the work being completed, especially the wider sidewalks and the new green space and traffic configuration at the south end.

We walked past the Catholic church, and I showed her the Cleveland Cascade, which is a nice little space even with the cascade a shadow of its former self. After going full circle, we re-parked near Zza's and had dinner. We were intrigued by the wine bar side, but went to the restaurant side. It has a different vibe than it did last time I was there (which was many years ago), but the food and service were still good. We've got a long list of restaurants we want to try (e.g., Sidebar, which is next door to Zza's) but the local options are closed Sundays.

interesting shadows

Cleveland Cascade

Our Lady of Lourdes


Mary Austin Fuller said...

I saw a craigslist ad looking for a bartender for Side Bar, which mentioned that they'll be featuring cocktails by the guy over at Absinthe. I'm looking forward to that.

Unknown said...

Cool! I'm more of a beer and wine person, but glad to hear they're not skimping on the bartending side of things.