Wednesday, February 18, 2009

winter's back

tree cleanup

Yesterday on my way home from donating at the Red Cross, I saw a neighbor out walking during a break in the rain, and so had to drive closer to the other side of the street. The branches over that side of the street seemed low, and after parking I saw Mike looking at the tree, and indeed it was low. It was low because it had fallen half way over, and hadn't fallen all the way only because it managed to fall against a stump. I warned the people in the houses opposite, and Mike and I went and told the people in the house where the tree was. The owners weren't home, but a nanny, child and dog were. I went in to get the number for the Oakland public works department, and before I'd gotten far I heard a truck braking. I went back out, and public works was already out there in force. Seems another neighbor had already called them a couple hours before. Given how busy public works must be, between the storms and budget cutbacks, it was amazing they got there as quickly as they did. Fortunately no one was injured, and there was no major damage done. It could have easily flattened a car or pedestrian.

The Tribune reports a large pothole on 980 at the 27th St. off ramp. It's closed off and CalTrans should be patching it soon. Residents who find potholes on Oakland city streets can report them to the public works hotline, at 615-5566.

We've got a few days to dry out, which is good. The Tribune also reports scattered power outages, street flooding, and the like. We need the rain (and snow in the mountains), but not all at once.

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