Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oakland rising

With all the bad news about (and not just Oakland; the world's economy is in bad shape), it's nice to see some good news actually make the papers. Tonight is the grand re-opening gala for the Fox Theater (great stuff on Transbay Blog, with more at A Better Oakland).

Then there's this little tidbit tucked away in the Tribune (Cafe training gives Oakland foster kids a fresh start). I have a friend with LSS (Lutheran Social Services) for Northern California, and they've got a number of transitional houses for former foster kids (when they hit 18, they're dropped by the state), but it's nice to see some job training geared for them, too.

Finally there's Why I love Oakland from Peter Hartlaub on SF Gate. Not exactly a front page piece, but still nice to see the love in print.

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