Friday, January 23, 2009

something's rotten

Something's rotten in the Oakland PD, and it appears to be the leadership ("Oakland suspends chief of Internal Affairs amid FBI probe", from today's Tribune.) The vast majority of Oakland police are hard-working folks doing a job most of us never would except maybe in Mayberry. But the FBI probe suggests there are some serious problems, and those emanate from the top. There's a good post about the problems over at A Better Oakland. Will this finally cause Mayor Dellums to do something, and fire Chief Tucker? To be fair, the incident in the first article happened under the previous chief, but things don't seem to be getting any better, and the article has a long list of problems that have happened under Chief Tucker.

(For those of you from elsewhere, the Oakland PD had nothing to do with the Oscar Grant killing; that was the BART PD.)


jake said...

Its good to question people in roles of authority. They usually end up taking things too far after they get their lust for power.

Incidentally, police officers are actually unconstitutional and sheriffs are the only law enforcement people that are constitutional. Read more about it here (its very interesting)...

Nice blog BTW!

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Unknown said...

Interesting, but I'm guessing people would have as much success with that argument as with the income-taxes-are-unconstitutional argument.