Monday, January 26, 2009

state of the city address tonight

Tonight is Mayor Dellums' state of the city address (it'll be on KTOP, starting at either 5:30 or 6:00pm). Will he acknowledge the problems, and implement the ideas in the Bobb report? Or will it degenerate into a list of "look what I accomplished (even if I didn't do it) in 2008" as V Smoothe suggests on A Better Oakland? It would be funny if it didn't have so much truth to it based on past addresses.

Meanwhile, the whole coutry (and world, for that matter) continues to settle into the recession, with more job cuts announced. Few, if any, of those listed are in Oakland, but I imagine the Home Depot Expo store in Emeryville employs some Oakland residents, and bad news for the world economy is bad news for all of us.

The economic upheaval will bring more changes to Oakland than just job changes. Oakland Streets has a nice write-up on Creative Reuse of buildings. When the economy begins to improve, it'd be nice to see some of these things happen.

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