Tuesday, January 27, 2009

OPD Chief Tucker resigns before being fired

The Tribune is reporting that Chief Tucker has resigned. According to the Trib:

...the memo states in the past three months Tucker has met with the Mayor four times and discussed his desire to resign. But, Kozicki adds, "The mayor (and others in city government) on each occasion dissuaded him from resigning. The Mayor still maintains strong support for the Chief."

According to the email sent on behalf of Tucker, "the primary reason behind the chief's decision is his lack of faith in the City Council. The chief stated the council is unable/unwilling to properly staff, fund and equip OPD."

Hmm...they're properly funded, and according to Mayor Dellums' address last night, properly staffed, so it seems more likely this was a case of quitting before being fired. Given the list of problems associated with his tenure, he probably decided it was time to get out of Dodge.

In any event, I have high hopes that someone else can do a better job. If nothing else, they can find someone who the rank and file of the department actually trusts and has confidence in.

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