Sunday, June 8, 2014

East Bay Open Studios 2014

This weekend and next is the annual East Bay Open Studios organized by Pro Arts Gallery. Over 400 artists are opening their studios to the public and showcasing their work. Yesterday I went to some studios in Uptown, then I headed over to West Oakland to check out a bunch of studios at 2200 Adeline Street, including the newly-opened studio of Favianna Rodriguez.

I highly recommend getting out and exploring some of the open studios this weekend and/or next weekend. Meet your neighbors! If you go today, be forewarned—it's hot out! Many artists have snacks and beverages at their studios, but you'll probably want to take a water bottle, too.

Lots more pictures from the open studios:

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Susan Troy said...

Thanks for giving Pro Arts Open Studios a blast. It really helps all the artists!