Monday, June 30, 2014

Alameda's Gold Coast

On Saturday, I went to Alameda for a walking tour of Alameda's Gold Coast neighborhood. Yes, it's true—I do occasionally leave Oakland. To be sure, there were lots of Oakland connections like Julia Morgan and the transcontinental railroad, but I am interested in other places besides Oakland. And it was a nice chance for me to just go on a walk instead of leading or helping out on one, as I usually do with Oakland Urban Paths.

Although I chose a Julia Morgan-designed house for the photo above, the neighborhood is best known for its Victorians. Oakland has plenty of lovely Victorians, like the cluster in Preservation Park, but Alameda's Gold Coast is a must-visit for fans of the style. There are numerous beautiful, well-maintained examples in area, and a variety of other architectural styles, too. The walk was part of the Alameda Walks program, this one led by Robert Perricone. You may remember the name, as he's been on numerous Oakland Urban Paths walks, and I've used some of his photos upon occasion.

Lots more pictures from the walk:

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