Tuesday, May 20, 2014

signs: China Lake Express / Lakeshore Fountain Restaurant

Signs come and go, often to the detriment of cool old signs. But sometimes they get re-used. What's now Chipolte on Lakeshore has had at least two previous lives, c.2009 as China Lake Express, and further back, it was Lakeshore Fountain Restaurant.

Friend and fellow photographer Paula Wirth let me know one day in April, 2012 that they were stripping the China Lake Express sign and the older Lakeshore Fountain Restaurant sign was visible. I couldn't get down there before they'd already started priming the sign for its newest incarnation, but I got a few shots showing the old signage and borrowed one—thanks, Paula!

Anybody out there remember it as Lakeshore Fountain Restaurant?

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Michelle said...

Yep, my husband are there a few times, typical greasy spoon fare but the great sign made it worth it!