Monday, May 26, 2014

East Lake Music Festival

Saturday was the East Lake Music Festival, with a stage in the new Lake Merritt amphitheater, and food trucks, beer, and vendors in front of the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center. In the evening there were various music venues around East Lake, including Portal, the Parkway Lounge, La Estrellita, and Rooz Cafe.

The stage overlooking Lake Merritt makes for an awesome venue, and the weather was just about perfect. I only heard parts of a couple acts, but I did discover when I was over having a beer in the shade of the convention center that the rounded archways make great sound reflectors and focusers, so you can hear what's going on over the amphitheater pretty clearly despite the distance.

I had a great time hanging out, checking out the vendors, and running into various #Oakland folks I know as well as making some new acquaintances. I very much hope they keep doing this festival!

Lots more pictures from the festival:

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