Monday, February 17, 2014

food: Dim Sum at Happy Valley Restaurant

Sunday I met up with a bunch of people I know from Twitter for dim sum. It's a mostly monthly event with a rotating cast of characters, led by @sonnylebythebay . We had to wait a bit for a table since we were a large group (11 and then 3 more!), but the beautiful weather made that no great hardship. Unlike most dim sum restaurants where they push the food around on carts and you point at what you want, Happy Valley has menus where you can order as desired. We mostly left the ordering to the doyenne of dim sum, @itsWanda, but some people added things as the order sheet went around. We ended up with a lot of food. I mean a lot. We made a good showing, but couldn't finish it all, so everyone left with a container.

The food was very good, and very reasonably priced for dim sum. Despite the mountain of food, it worked out to $20 per person with tax and tip. And the waitstaff was very patient with our large group. I'll definitely go again.

More pictures:


Unknown said...

Worlds intersect! Is the gentleman holding the bill named something like Sonny, a Vietnamese American teacher, journalist, PR person and interpreter?

I think so. I had some great conversations with him after Non-profit tech summit last fall.

Would love to join dim sum outing some time.


Unknown said...

Yep, that's Sonny. If you're interested in joining up for Dim Sum, follow @DimSumEaters on Twitter