Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Temescal Community Thrift Store moves into Hooper's Chocolates

If you've ever been on Telegraph in Temescal, you've doubtless noticed the unusual pink Cape Cod-style building with a sign for Hooper's Chocolates. After Hooper's closed in 2010, the building has mostly sat empty except for a brief stint as a skateboard shop. Now it's home to the Temescal Community Thrift Store's annex, which raises funds for the Temescal Community Foundation.

I heard about the re-use of Hooper's from Annalee Allen, who wrote a column about it in December. I was in the area the other day and stopped by to take a look, and get a peek at the former Hooper's interior. Besides cleaning and moving in lots of furniture and other thrift store items, they haven't changed anything. You can see the old candy display counters, now used to showcase jewelry and other small items. You can even see some bits of the old pink paint poking through.

Stop by and check it out, whether you've got some thrift store shopping to do or not, and see a bit of Oakland history.

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