Friday, January 31, 2014

food: Bacheesos

Last weekend K and I planned to get some breakfast, take a walk part way around the lake, and then check out Latham Memorial Fountain Unveiled: a Conversation About Art and History. Our first two choices were packed, with long waits for a table. So we continued along Grand Ave. and decided to try Bacheesos, which features Mediterranean food, with a brunch buffet available in the morning.

Shortly after we arrived, a musician set up and began playing the accordion. He was very talented, and had a bunch of self-recorded CDs for sale, with everything from French and Italian music to classical to pop music. My favorite he performed was an excellent cover of Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. Given the beautiful, (unfortunately) non-rainy weather, we sat on the patio and listened to the music for a while after we finished.

The food was very good, if not all clearly labeled at the buffet. And for the $10.95 price, you get to go fill your plate twice. If you don't leave somewhere between full and pleasantly stuffed, it's your own fault.

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Andy K said...

Cool. Always seen this place. Will now put it on the list to try.