Sunday, March 3, 2013

more Mountain View Cemetery explorations

The other week after I stopped in Saint Mary's Cemetery I went to nearby Mountain View Cemetery to find the grave of A.K.P. Harmon. Amongst other things, he's known for donating for Cal's first indoor athletic facility, and later, Harmon Gym was named in his honor.

After finding the Harmon grave, I did some more exploring. Mountain View Cemetery is so large that I see new things every time I'm there, even though I've lost track of the number of trips I've made. But I also see things in a new light, sometimes literally. While exploring, I saw the warm afternoon light on the Colton mausoleum. It's the resting place of David Douty Colton, who the town of Colton, California is named for, and probably Colton Boulevard in Oakland, too. He was an interesting sounding man, sometimes referred to as one of "the Big Four and half" because of his association with Crocker, Huntington, Stanford and Hopkins of railroad fame. But other than the possible naming of a street for him and his interment in Mountain View, I don't know of any Oakland connections so I haven't dedicated much time to learning more about him (say, to write an Oakland Wiki entry for him). Regardless, the warm light and the beautiful design made for a lovely image.

More photos from the afternoon:

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